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Blessed Protein Powder vs Healthy Truth Protein Powder

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Many conventional protein powders are made with whey, a derivative of cow’s milk that may cause digestive issues in high doses. Many consumers are reaching for plant-based protein powders as a cleaner way to meet their protein requirements. We’ll compare two leading brands of plant-based protein powders: Blessed protein powder and Healthy Truth protein powder, so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

As any gym-goer can confirm, there is no substitute for hard work and continuous effort. Whether you’ve just started your fitness journey or have been training for years, you can be sure there will always be greater heights for you to achieve as long as you keep working towards your goals. Of course, healthy (and legal) ways to improve performance are also something that health enthusiasts search for. One great way to enhance your workout performance and generate faster results is by taking protein powder.

Protein powder provides natural ingredients that are designed to repair and build muscles as well as regulate and strengthen your body’s overall well-being. That being said, many protein powders are dairy-based and made from milk. This can cause heaviness and constipation in many users and further health issues for the lactose intolerant.

Thankfully, some companies produce plant-based protein powders that offer the same benefits and are safe for those with digestive issues or lactose intolerance. In this article, we will compare two popular plant-based protein powders, Blessed protein powder and Healthy Truth protein powder, and help determine which option is better for your workout success.

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What to expect from plant-based protein powders

As with many health-based foods and drinks, it is wise to ensure the protein powder you buy offers everything you need for both your workout regimen and your holistic wellness. This consideration involves important factors like adequate nutrition and a healthy dose of daily ingredients. Here are a few things you’ll want from your plant-based powder.

1) Sufficient amounts of protein. It should be obvious that a protein mix should have protein as the main ingredient. However, some lower-quality protein mixes contain inadequate amounts of protein and excess filler materials at the same high price. These fillers not only cheat consumers out of their purchase but can also potentially cause harm to one’s health and hinder progress on your fitness goals. When buying protein powder, make sure there is a generous amount of healthy protein per serving.

2) A sizable amount of powder per container. There are multiple container sizes and measurements for protein powders, but on average, you should look for a container that will offer around a month’s worth of protein. This is important, as anything less will likely involve multiple monthly purchases and higher monthly fees. Furthermore, the powder runs the risk of expiring if you buy a container that’s too large for your needs.

3) A variety of other nutrients. Besides protein, your plant-based powder should benefit you with a host of other minerals and nutrients. These should include fiber (great for cleansing the gastronomic tract), magnesium (helps regulate muscle and nerve function), iron (an essential mineral to create hemoglobin), and other energy boosters.

With the knowledge of what makes a good protein powder, we can compare Blessed protein powder to Healthy Truth protein powder to determine which formula is better for your needs.

Iron sources.

Blessed protein powder vs Healthy Truth protein powder

Both products by Blessed and Healthy Truth use a protein base created from plants instead of milk. Blessed powders are created using golden yellow pea isolate as its protein base, which provides a high-quality protein experience.

While this serves as an effective means of obtaining protein, Healthy Truth utilizes protein from three different sources: brown rice, peas, and sacha inchi. These plant extracts create a protein base that’s both varied and well-mixed, while also offering minerals and nutrients that can’t be found in single-source protein powders.

Two bottles containing milk.

Blessed protein powder vs Healthy Truth:

Volume of protein powder

When buying protein powder, you want to ensure you get the best value for the amount you buy. On average, protein powder containers hold anywhere from a few weeks to a month’s worth of formula. Blessed and Healthy Truth are no exception to the rule. However, there is a difference in the total amounts that each company offers in the containers, as well as how they present their buying options.

Blessed protein powder gives customers two size options: a 15-day serving size and a 30-day serving size. Healthy Truth, on the other hand, gives customers a 20-day serving size option for their organic Cacao mix and 30-day serving size options for their other flavors. Unlike Blessed, Healthy Truth offers a monthly subscription to allow you to continuously purchase your favorite powders while skipping the online shopping experience. This subscription is $5 cheaper than a single 30-day purchase from either company.

They also let customers change their flavors without being charged additional fees and without having to create a new subscription, allowing them to try any flavor they desire throughout their monthly plan.

Blessed protein powder vs Healthy Truth:


Both Blessed and Healthy Truth offer a large array of flavors for their respective protein powders. In general, Blessed protein powder tends to have customized flavors that more often mimic sweet snacks or dessert tastes. Some of their flavors include Chocolate Mylk, Banana Bread, Cookie Crunch, S’mores, and Blueberry Pie.

Healthy Truth takes its flavor mixes a step further. Not only do they utilize flavors that are more natural in taste, but they incorporate the actual ingredient into their mixture. This means that when you drink one of their protein mixtures like Organic Cacao, Gold-Blueberry Pomegranate, Green Tea, or Organic Mushroom, you’ll have a tasty experience coupled with an extremely nutritious blend. Furthermore, they never add any artificial flavors, working to bring out the natural flavors already produced by the plant-based ingredients.

Snack items.

Blessed protein powder vs Healthy Truth:

Additional healthy additives

Along with plant-based protein, Blessed protein powder and Healthy Truth use other ingredients that benefit the body. Both products contain iron, calcium for building bones, and potassium to maintain healthy fluid levels within the body.

However, Healthy Truth offers additional nutrients due to the minerals found within their organic additives. For example, their Organic Mushroom mix contains five medicinal mushrooms, including Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Shiitake, and Chaga, that provide immune system support and cognitive benefits. Additionally, their Gold-Blueberry Pomegranate contains fruit extracts that provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, as well as digestive support and immunity boosters.

Healthy Truth is able to keep so many nutrients in their formula through their unique process called “sprouting,” which cleans impurities from the plant-based minerals while also making them safe to ingest. “We soak [our products] for 24 to 48 hours,” Bruce Namenson, founder of Healthy Truth says about the process of readying the natural ingredients.  “Then we dry them in dehydrators…the living enzymes are activated as a result of the soaking and the drying, so it’s food optimized to the highest degree.”

Healthy Truth also forgoes sugars, opting instead to use natural extracts from plant sources. This means you get a well-rounded amount of healthy minerals and sweeteners in each daily serving.

Fresh pomegranate.

The best plant-based protein powder for your needs

Although both Blessed protein powder and Healthy Truth protein powder are healthy options for building muscle, the Healthy Truth powders have an edge in terms of pure protein base, healthy additives, and price per volume. These powders contain a solid mixture that is easy for those of all fitness levels to consume, and it offers results that are quick, natural, and long-lasting.

No matter what your workout goals may be, you can be sure that by choosing Healthy Truth protein powders, you’ll have the natural plant-based nutrition you need to meet your objectives and continue on your path to wellness.

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